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Erin Ansty-Pereira July 27, 2023
"I have been working with Michael for 2 years. I have had Rheaumatoid Arthritis for 22+ years, traveled the United States and Puerto Rico to study food, been to countless Doctors and Chiropractors and nothing has provided the relief Michael Finn has provided me. Michael really understands how the body works, foods and supplements to best fuel the body and an understanding of what each joint and muscle needs to work optimally. I am so thankful i found Finn Fitness and Wellness and highly recommend giving Michael a shot to cure what ails you or to improve muscle performance and overall wellness. 2 years ago, I had two frozen shoulders and could not lift my arms. After working with Michael for just a few months, I could lift both of my arms. I was seeing various chiropractors for over 20 years and none could provide the relief Michael has in just months. I am forever grateful and will be a client for life. "
ROB MARTIN July 18, 2023
"I have been a client of Michael’s for 12 years; he really knows how to get you in shape and feel a whole lot better. Not only does he know what the best foods and supplements for you are, he teaches you how to work out properly, so you don’t injure yourself and make gains without the having setbacks, which happened to me for years before I stared seeing him, an added benefit for me is also it has helped my golf game with added distance. He taught me that this is a lifestyle change and not an overnight fix, I can’t recommend Michael enough!"
TRISH MARTI June 30, 2023
"I have been going to Michael Finn for 13 years. It didn’t start out easy due to my unhealthy lifestyle. I am happy to share my progress with Michael’s knowledge and expertise has made a permanent change in my life as well as my whole family. He is educated with the mind, body, and soul. He will get you where you need to be with your health. I am 62 and feel better than I did in my 40s. You will not find anyone like him. "
Sarah Austin June 30, 2023
"Michael is Awesome! I had never been to a personal trainer before and was intimidated at first but soon found out I had nothing to worry about. Michael is very knowledgeable and really takes time to listen to your concerns and knows exactly what to do to work through them. He has helped me immensely with my physical as well as mental health with his holistic approach. What I love most about working with Michael is that he makes it enjoyable to workout-It never feels like a chore. I highly recommend working with him!"
Sheri Figueroa June 29, 2023
"I first started seeing Michael almost 9 years ago when I injured my rib. I am now almost 33 years old. He helped me heal my rib through stretches and body work and completely changed the outlook on what kind of food I should be putting in my body. Fast forward some years I went on to have two kids and Michael helped me get into optimal shape for both of my pregnancies and heal from childbirth. Micahel is not just like any trainer, he is a holistic practitioner that has a wealth of knowledge on the body. If you are looking to workout, learn to eat real food, breathe correctly, stretch or even receive body work for aches and pains then Michael is your guy."
Adam Lee June 28, 2023
"We have worked together now for many years. My life would not be the same without Michael and Finn Fitness. Not even close. I’m so busy at work and can easily find an excuse to avoid exercise, and good nutrition, if it weren’t scheduled and routine part of my life. Michael pushes my limits but tailors the exercises to my ability level and I look forward to every session. Whether you are a disciplined athlete or just trying to get fit and live a happy healthy life, you would benefit greatly by scheduling a session. Michael is a true professional and athlete who, most importantly, cares that people live their best and healthiest lives possible."