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Our mission at FINN FITNESS & WELLNESS is to provide personalized coaching so that all people can obtain and maintain the happy, healthy, and successful life and body of their dreams.


The human body can heal, grow, and improve naturally at any age when proper nutrition and recovery techniques are balanced with appropriate stimuli to reach an individual’s goals.

Living a healthy lifestyle day after day creates a healthy body, mind and spirit.

We know that to be effective, lifestyle, nutritional or exercise programs need to be tailored to the individual – based on their health history, body type, genetic makeup and functional lifestyle needs. We believe that fitness programs should be affordable and easy-to-follow, using what is available and convenient for each person.

Our programs are built on foundational health principles – with no fads or quick fix gimmicks. Our exercise regimes start with core strength and flexibility and build on incremental success. We don’t put people on diets; we help them learn how to eat. We provide education and support so people can be healthy for the rest of their lives.

  • Michael Personal Trainer In Petaluma


    Owner & Holistic Exercise and Lifestyle Coach


Why I Do What I Do

I am very passionate about both coaching others to be happy, healthy, and successful while living the life of their dreams, and setting the example for others that living a happy and healthy life you love, can be done.

Now I will tell you how this passion grew in me.

My life has been circumscribed by losses and gains. Ironically, the losses have contributed the most to my character and my philosophy of life — don’t quit on your dreams!

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