Personal Training in Petaluma, CA

Personal Training in Petaluma, CA

You have unique genetics, lifestyle, life history, knowledge, and goals so to achieve the results you want.

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We start with assessment, and finding out what your true goals are.
Assessment is actually on going, but we are not just looking at where you are today, but what have you tried in the past with, or without success.
Your current knowledge is also important. On top of private training sessions Michael provides online educational information in text and video so you can learn the principles you need for success at your own pace.

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We also need to consider time. This is not some reality show where you spend your entire day focused on health and fitness.

You have a life to live.

Michael will select the principles that will bring you the results you are looking for in the shortest period of time.

Many people start with one or two 60-minute sessions a week, and then complete homework on their own pertaining to lifestyle factors.

Most people when they first start do not have a lot of energy.

Michael always starts with principles that build energy in the body first. This way in the future you can use this energy for greater results.

There is also adaptation.

Your body is going to change, and so is your life, the seasons of the year and the stress levels in your life.

Learning how to follow the principles that are going to bring you success through a stressful holiday season, employment change, or vacation will keep you on the path to achieve your goals.

The key is learning balance in your lifestyle, so that you always have the happy, healthy, fit, and maybe even athletic body you want.

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Fitness & Wellness Training in Petaluma, CA

Are you worried that you just can’t do it?

Many people worry about being yelled at, that they will not stick to the program, or they are going to be in pain or feel miserable.
That is not how Michael’s personalized programs work.
Michael has countless hours of education and over 20 years of experience creating a friendly healthy atmosphere for success. Clients become like family to Michael.
You and Michael will sit down together and agree on what are the first and most important action steps to take to reach your goals.
Accountability is part of personal coaching, but finding the barriers that are keeping you from success and knocking those barriers down with specific sound strategies will keep you moving forward to your goals.
If you do not like something, or are never going to do something, you just need to speak up and tell Michael. He will find another way to accomplish the same results. That you do like. That is his job as a personal coach.
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Fitness & Wellness Training in Petaluma, CA

Do you want to know what we will be working on?

The human body is made up of many different systems. We have a musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, circulatory system, hormonal system, and nervous system just to name a few.
Michael will assess and make changes to your personalized program to improve the function of all the systems in your body so you can reach your goals efficiently.
Nutrition, hydration, movement, exercise, sleep, recovery, massage, stress management, breathing, and even thought are some of the modalities Michael may use to help you reach your goals.
Some foods disrupt the function of the nervous system and hormonal system. Other foods enhance these systems.
A core isolation exercise may be great for activating the lower abdominal muscles, but then we need to use an integrated exercise that teaches the lower abdominal muscles to work with the rest of the musculoskeletal system again.
You are a complete human, so your personalized program will develop into a complete program for your entire body so you can achieve your goals.
Call today 707-781-3466 to SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION so you can see what it is like to work with Michael. Then, you can make the choice if he is the right coach for YOU!

Michael, founder of Finn Fitness & Wellness, is 54 years old and has life experiences of being an overweight teen, an arthritic athlete at 28, battling with body weight until the age of thirty, married for over 20 years, and being the father of a teenager. His professional education includes personal training, athletic strength and conditioning, functional diagnostic nutrition, holistic lifestyle coaching, functional medicine, sports therapy massage, and life coaching.

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There are many approaches to training and fitness, but there is no substitute for personal training. From personal weight loss goals, athletic performance, to those trying to improve their health and fitness, personal training is the most effective way to reach your goals.
At Finn Fitness & Wellness, we offer professional and experienced personal training services for people of all fitness levels throughout Petaluma, California, and Sonoma County. Michael is a happy, healthy athlete and coach. He has acquired more world and national titles after the age of 38 than before he was age 38.
We all have our own challenges and demons, but we all want to be better and reach our dreams and goals. Michael wants to help you learn to overcome your challenges and live the happy, healthy and fit life that you dream about. Here are a few benefits of personal training services and why so many people turn to personal trainers to help them reach their ideal health and fitness.

Fitness & Wellness Training in Petaluma, CA

Benefits of Personal Training Services

Our personal training services at Finn Fitness & Wellness are designed around your goals and needs. Here is a look at a few reasons why so many people seek personal training services at Finn Fitness & Wellness to help them achieve their personal fitness goals.

  • Weight Loss
    Many people seek personal training services to help them reach their weight-loss goals and maximize their weight-loss programs. From getting that extra motivation and encouragement to helping people with diet accountability and more, personal trainers provide an invaluable service for people trying to lean out or lose those unwanted pounds.
  • Lifestyle Coaching
    At Finn Fitness & Wellness, we focus on a holistic approach to every training program. Our personal training services also include lifestyle coaching for that reason, because health and fitness isn’t a fad; it is a lifestyle.
  • Nutritional Training
    It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are, without the proper nutritional plan, it isn’t possible to reach those goals. As a part of our personal training program at Finn Fitness & Wellness, we help people understand how to use nutrition to help them achieve their goals and get the most out of their workouts and nutrition plans.

Personal Training for Everyone

Welcome to Finn Fitness & Wellness, where we offer personal training programs for everyone. From private training sessions to private training for couples and groups of 2 or 3, there is a personal training program to meet your goals and needs at Finn Fitness & Wellness.
There is no better investment than an investment in your health and fitness. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation, and take your training program to the next level with a personal trainer today.

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