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Ed FitzGerald June 26, 2023
"Michael is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and how to apply that knowledge to my particular needs which are many at age 71! It's good working with him."
jose figueroa June 23, 2023
"At 32 almost 33 years of age, and with two very energetic kids I find that it important to stay on top of my health. With the help of Micheal I have been able to achieve so many things in the last few years. For example, I would suffer from very intense lower back and hip pain. Which we have virtually dissolved and is nonexistent with the help of exercise and stretches. In return, I have become stronger and gained the ability to handle a regular workload without suffering fatigue. Another great bonus is just feeling great overall. So if you’re looking to take your health and exercise to the next level and need some expert advice, I would highly recommend Finn fitness."
jonathan lebowitz June 22, 2023
"I’ve worked with Michael for 10 years now. He’s helped me build fitness and stay fit and also he helped me work through a number of issues with my back, neck and various joints. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and always has ideas about how to work on issues. He listens well and tailors what we’re doing to my needs and goals. And on top of that, he’s put the physical stuff into a wholistic health context that’s changed how I think about health and fitness. In short, if you’re looking to define and achieve fitness goals whatever level you’re at or are looking to work through physical issues, then you need to check out Finn Fitness."
Lynne Frisch April 2, 2023
"I’ve been working with Michael for the last few months. He has been extremely helpful in guiding me back to health both physically and nutritionally. What I appreciate most, is his supportive, encouraging engagement with me..No expectation of perfection, just encouragement for continual improvement."
Fritz Redeker March 16, 2023
"Michael has helped me with serious back issues and general wellness over the past 8 years, and I give him my highest recommendation as an exercise and lifestyle coach. We work on stretching and strengthening as well as diet. I have good mobility and strength, and have slowly lost over 50 lbs now. My energy level feels like I am 40 again. And I just turned 66."
Skot McDaniel February 28, 2023
"In terms of skills and knowledge, Michael is a rare find. Much better than any other therapist I've ever worked with. I was referred to Michael by a friend back in 2018, we have both been clients of his ever since. I'd give him more than 5 stars if I could!"