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Master Each Day lessons

Welcome to the master each day lessons. (MED)

Each week I will provide you one simple lesson that you can implement into your daily routine that will help you become a happier, healthier human being.

You may do some of these things already, but I will be providing specific instructions on how to get the most out of these simple habits, the best time to do them in your day, and why these are so important for your health each day.

I believe the why is very important and that when we are doing them we need to remember why we are doing these things not only to reinforce the habit, but also to focus the mind on improving our well-being.

Many studies have shown the power of the mind and how simply focusing our thoughts can change our physiology.

Our body is all we have throughout our entire life. You can buy a new car or house, but your body is the only one you will have.

I want my body to function well, and I plan to live to be over 100 so it is important to me to take care of my body. No one else is going to care more about my body than me.

One last thing before we get to lesson one.

Make sure to share these lessons with friends and family. It is always easier to make changes to even simple little habits when others around you are doing it also. Being a part of a community gives us mental strength, physical strength, and spiritual strength

You want all your friends and family to live long happy and healthy lives like you right? Support them in their own quest to be healthier, and they will suport you to be healthier also.

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MED Lesson 1:

Below is a video that covers the content for lesson 1.

The text content is just below the video here.

Make sure to read through the entire lesson so you not only know what to do, but why you are doing it.

Lesson one is all about setting up your entire body for proper function throughout your day.

First thing in the morning when you wake up I want you to drink water.

Yes you can use the bathroom first, but after that I want you to drink water.

Drink 8 to even as much as 30 ounces of water when you first wake up. I know 30 ounces may sound like a lot, but for larger people and people like me that are use to drinking water first thing in the morning 30 ounces goes down real easy. This is why I say start with 8 ounces to 30 ounces and figure out what feels good for you.

Spring water or Artesian well water is the best. They come out of the ground and have minerals in them already. Filtered water is next best so that you get out all of the chlorine, fluoride, or other toxins and sediment that has dissolved into the water.

If you are filtering your water I highly recommend adding a pinch or two of high quality sea salt to your water to add minerals back into it. You can also do this to your springwater.

The water should not taste salty, but should feel soft in your mouth as it goes down.

The water in our body closely resembles ocean water. This water in our body has salt and minerals in it so that it can complete the electrical circuits in our body so that our nervous system can function correctly, as well as, many other biological functions.

A portion of our adrenal glands are responsible for monitoring the balance between the water and the minerals in our body, and maintaining them at an appropriate level for optimal life.

Not having enough water or minerals in the body can contribute to adrenal fatigue.

If drinking plain water is a little hard for you at this point because you are not used to doing it, you can add some fresh lemon, lime, cucumber, strawberry, or another fruit or vegetable slice or juice to your water just to make it easier to drink. A drop or two of essential oil can also be very healthy & add some zing to your morning.

You may want to prepare your water the night before and have it right next to your bed in the morning so you start your day off right.

It is much easier to create new habits when you attach them to other habits you do already.

I always have water sitting on my desk in the office and of course I can get water from my filter in the kitchen. So once I get up if I go downstairs my habit is to walk into the kitchen and drink my water. If I go straight into the office first thing in the morning, I turn on the computer and grab my bottle of water and drink my morning water.

This way my habit of drinking water first thing in the morning never gets skipped over.

Now for the why is this so important for us to do every day.

The human body is made up of 60 to 70% water depending upon whose book you read. Just like the Earth we are about 2/3 water.

Recent studies have shown most children under the age of 5 are still hydrated well, but by the age of 20 years many people are already dehydrated and at 55% water or lower.

Your body performs over 60,000 different functions every minute and they are all dependent upon water.

This is why when you go to the Emergency Room the first thing they do is hook you up to an I.V. and start pumping salt water right into you for hydration. This practice has shown to reduce and even cure 90% of the complaints people have.

If you are lacking water in any way your body will have to choose what functions not to perform.

Do you really want to limit any function of your body?

While you are sleeping your body uses between one and 3 pints of water depending upon the amount of repair work and detoxification work it did while you were sleeping.

Studies have shown your liver will continue to detoxify your body when you wake up when you start your day with water.

This is why it is important for health and performance to immediately start your day with replenishing this water used while you were sleeping.

Your brain, the discs in your spine, your knees, and your muscles are about 80% water.

So if you are not happy with the way any of these things are performing your first step should be making sure you are hydrating your body properly.

Most headaches are commonly caused by dehydration. Most people complaining of a stiff back find relief in increasing their water intake. Many of my clients that have come to me complaining of knee pain have felt improvement once I have been able to get them to consume appropriate amounts of water for 2 to 4 weeks. Most people that complain about stiff muscles find relief by simply drinking water.

It is a very simple thing to do, but many people skip this process.

It can take as many as 45 days of drinking adequate amounts of water to re-hydrate the human body.

Watch the video above to learn how much water to drink each day.

Many people go straight for the coffee. Coffee is a diuretic. This means it dehydrates you even more than you already are when you wake up first thing in the morning. You may have been dehydrated when you went to bed.

Now I'm not saying that you can't have coffee. I am not perfect and I don't expect anyone else to be either. I only want people to be aware of what they are doing in their habits each day, and are those habits serving them anymore. I don’t drink coffee, but I love a good brownie now and then.

I will say all of my clients who have completely eliminated coffee have reported an increase in energy, more stable emotions, less anxiety, less snacking between meals, better sleep, better balanced hormones, and more.

Coffee is also loaded with chemicals added in the roasting process, more chemicals are added for de-caf coffee than regular coffee, and then coffee contains caffeine as well.

Caffeine has been shown in many studies to disrupt blood sugar, hormone production, sleep patterns even when consumed just early in the morning, and increase weight gain with extended use.

I owned a coffee business for a long time and learned from the companies I bought coffee from how to make it taste even better and become more addictive.

This is why I got out of that business. I was tired of watching the health of my clients deteriorate over time. That lifestyle did not serve me anymore, and so I changed my lifestyle 20 years ago and started my health and fitness practice.

So I urge you to stop and think about, are the beverages you are drinking throughout your day serving the way you want to live, and the way you want to feel each day.

The choice is yours.

If you are going to do some coffee I highly recommend adding high quality fats to it. This will slow the absorption of toxins and caffeine from the coffee. A spoonful of grass fed butter, coconut oil, or some heavy cream that is organic will help slow the absorption of the toxins and caffeine into your system. Stay away from the nut & seed oils. They will be damaged by the heat of the coffee.

I also highly recommend at least reading the labels, or just staying away from all of the coffee creamers and flavor creamers out on the market. Many of them have hydrogenated oils in them that I talk about in my video on Finn Fit TV on YouTube titled Fats, Friend or Foe. Hydrogenated oils are very bad for the body. Most of them have to be stored away in your tissue as garbage material. They have been linked to everything from type II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

So, drink your water first thing in the morning. Between 8 and 30 ounces is a great place to start. Don't just chug the water down. I usually drink about 30 ounces, but they go in 10 ounces at a time.

I drink 10 ounces when I first go downstairs. I may then turn on the heater in the winter time, or open up curtains and other little things around the house. Then I will drink another 10 ounces, and after a couple minutes will have another 10 ounces.

Remember to add some high quality minerals to your water using sea salt. If you are low in iron, pink sea salt has higher iron content.

Sea salt is good for the body. Table salt called sodium chloride that man has created is what doctors want you to avoid. Table salt has no mineral value and that is why it is bad for the body. It just has to be stored away in the tissues of the body.

Water is the only beverage that all of our ancestors drank. No matter where your genetics come from on this planet all humans and most animals drink water every day.

Elephants will walk for days to find a fresh source of water, and when they find it, they rejoice with play, bathing and drinking. They know that water is essential for a happy healthy life. They have not been programed by marketing, catchy phrases, or jingles like “the best part of waking up is water in your cup.” Yes I changed it. Elephants and other animals just know they don’t need any other beverage.

Be aware as to how you feel throughout the day and for the upcoming weeks as you hydrate your body first thing in the morning.

Rejoice with this water like animals do.

Remember to share this lesson with your friends and family and I will be thinking and sending energy to all of you every day when I start my day by drinking water.